Wendu Corporation is a listed company in China. The headquarter is located in Haidian District in Beijing, which serves as its business, management, research, and development centre. Wendu has 25 direct offices in 12 provinces and cities nationwide, and an oversea office in Canada. Wendu also has 600 franchised institutions and more than 2000 employees. With its focus on education and tutoring, Wendu has recorded more than 1 million hours of tutoring videos; planned, edited and published more than 30 million books; and trained more than 10 million people.  Wendu group is dedicated to provide trainings and establish business chains in primary and secondary school education, post-secondary education, MCAT, international education, construction certification, teaching certification, PSEE, etc.


   Wendu Corporation expanded into Canada and registered an oversea institution, known as Canada Wendu International Education Group which is located in North York, Canada, covering more than 20,000 Sq ft. Meanwhile, opening branches in Scarborough and Willowdale area. Canada Wendu International Group operates three international high schools in Toronto, Waterloo, and Vancouver, focusing on international visa program, sumer and winter education program, english training and international co-operations. Over the year, Canada Wendu International Education Grouphas made outstanding contributions to cultural exchanges and educatinal resource sharing between China and Canada, preparing thousands of Chinese students for post secondary education and solving hundreds of Chinese immigration cases and helping them to work in Canada.


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Canada Wendu International Education Group is registered under Wendu Century Education and Technology Stock Corporation
(A Listed Educational Group in China, Stock Code: 838380)